about us

About Us

Our company name is Click N Ring Sdn Bhd. As the name suggest, we invented the "Click your website N Ring your office telephone" concept. We call it "Chakap"

We also invented the marriage between Instant Messenging (IM) and Short Messenging Service (SMS). We name it "ChakapIM".

Both "Chakap" and "ChakapIM" allow the web customers to get an instant reply from the retailers. The retailer either uses his office telephone to "Chakap" or uses his mobile phone to "ChakapIM". Both ways, the retailer needs not be online to reply to their web customers.

We are an MSC status company. We have an Application Service Provider Class C licence to operate web telephony in Malaysia.

Our team consists of our Chairman, M/s Pang Siew Fian, a lawyer by profession and a very well known social worker in Malaysia. and five other software and hardware engineers as partners.

Our address is AB 17, MSC Central Incubator, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.