You take great pride to ensure that you have a fantastic looking website. Have you ever wondered what you would like to achieve? Are you trying to let people know what you are doing? Do you intend to sell any of your products? How do your web customers communicatewith you? Using a "Contact Us" link? How quickly can you reply them? 24 hours? 2 days? Never?

If you are not replying to your web customers immediately, you are inviting them to check up with your competitors? We have a solution for you. Instead of the old-fashion "Contact Us" button, we can help you to set-up a "Call Us" button, which will link directly to your office telephone. When your Web Customers have any enquiries, they just need to click on this "Call Us" button and our system will be able to ring your office receptionist telephone.

Your Web Customers speak through their computers and your receptionist answers using your office telephone. There is no need to get anyone to read the company's email. You can guage the tone of the caller and give them the confidence that an email cannot provide.

You will close more sales if the Web Customers can hear someone from your company answer their enquires instantly. We call this "Call Us" button - a "Web Phone" If you have your own company's website, you can buy the Web Button.

After you have registered (and pay USD110 per annum), you will be given screen name and password to go to your back office. From your back office, you can upload your own phone image.

Then you create a web phone button. A script will be generated. You copy this script and paste it anywhere onto your web pages. You create a link and name it - "Call Us". This link will be connected to your office telephone.

Register now.