Our Web Phone

Web Phone

This product is useful for everybody who has a website. This is a graphic link that will activate any fixed or mobile telephone. It is usually named as "Call Us" so that people visiting this website can call and talk directly with the company receptionist.

Web Phone Button is a subscription based product, which costs USD139 per annum. From your back office, you can upload your own phone image.

So when you create your Web Phone Button, you can now choose the phone graphic that you have created. All phone graphics remain the property of Click N Ring Sdn. Bhd. and can be used by other subscribers.

There is USD10 air time attached to this Web Phone Button. You can top up when the air time credits run low. You can also get a Phone adaptor from us for USD250.00.

This Phone adaptor connects to your Internet router. So when your Web Phone Button is activated, this phone will ring. This is a VOIP call and it is a free call. You can use this phone to make out going calls