Web Wizard

Web Wizard

If you do not have a website and have no knowledge of designing your own website, you can built your own website using our web wizard tools. All you need to know is how to upload your images. You just plan how many pages you need and prepare the content.

Building your website is just a matter of cut and paste. If you know how to prepare a jpeg file, you can design your page and save it as jpeg file. You can then upload the whole jpeg file.

There is a Web Phone Button on every page. You can define your own keywords. In your back office, there is an SMS marketing tool.

Our SMS marketing tool allows you to create your own promotion and send this message to all your customers within minutes. This feature allows you to put in the names of all your customers and their mobile phone number.

You can also classify them into groups. Every week, you can choose to send SMS/ Text messaging to all your customers.