What is SIP

What is SIP

Sip means Sessions Initiations Protocol. When you want to talk to your friend, you would need to dial to your friend. First you and your friend need something that looks like a dialer to appear on your computer screen.

This software is called the softphone. Then both of you need a SIP number so that you know what number to dial to. It is like a telephone number. Anyone can issue a SIP number. If ABC company issues the SIP number, then only ABC company can make the connection for you. Although the calls are free so long as you remember to pay your internet subscription, ABC company may charge you a small monthly Connection fee or Access fee.

ClickNRing issues ClickNRing SIP numbers. With ClickNRing SIP numbers, you are immediately connected to millions of people across more than 180 countries. For a small monthly access fee of USD10.00, you can talk to another SIP account holder within the community as long as you like.

With ClickNRing SIP numbers, you can also dial to any mobile telephone or house or office telephone. We will pass this call to our partners to make the connections. In this case, you need to pay a small calling fee based on per minute call.

Calls can be made through your good old desk-top computer, your laptop, your PDA, your wifi phone or even from your good old fashion house phone. Now some newer mobile phones support ClickNRing SIP accounts